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Everyone who lives in New York takes the subway. And once upon a time when we were New Yorkers ourselves, we spent our days trekking uptown and downtown from the V-train to the 6-train. As one of New York’s most iconic forms of transportation—yellow cabs being a close runner-up, of course—it was a no-brainer for us to stop at the subway at First and Houston.

As former residents of SoHo, we love the fun, fast-paced atmosphere of shopping on the streets and seeing how the individual-run vendors thrive. The Chinatown Market was a regular spot for us for to pick up natural medicine, herbs and fresh fruit. Besides, there’s nowhere else in the city where you can find cherries so cheap.

The Houston Street Mural is something we love to keep tabs on, as it is constantly changing. Everyone from cult-fave Keith Haring to Shepard Fairey has made their mark on the NYC landmark. The ever-evolving wall of fame is a continuing source of inspiration for us. This graphic Coach bag is right at home with the vivid design of the current mural.

The Staten Island Ferry is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It’s a perfect day-off activity to hop aboard the boat (with a nautical striped bag!) and take in the scenic city views. There’s nothing like seeing the NYC skyline and Lady Liberty from the ferry, and it gives us the perfect opportunity to pull the “I’m on a boat!” card.

Whenever we need to clear our heads, we head to Barneys… or Washington Square Park. It’s the perfect place to take in the scenery and the social scene, plus the pooches in the park are always so adorable. No matter the season, the park is always glowing with beauty.

Okay, so we don’t really come here to shoot hoops – we’re not that athletic! – but we do love to come here from time to time to see the dudes with their pumped-up kicks. “The Cage,” as it’s more commonly known, is a cool place to come to kick back and pretend like we know how to play anything besides “B.U.M.P.”

Ah, Fifth Avenue! There’s no place like home. As we like to say, all our friends are here. The street not only brings together some of our favourite luxury brands – ahem, Coach – but also brings together some of New York’s most stylish people.

There’s nothing we love more than taking the day off to get lost in the MET, one of NYC’s premier museums and home to some of the best exhibits – McQueen and CHANEL retrospectives are just some of the highlights. There’s no better way to get inspired than by spending a day (or a night) at the museum.

Welcome to our home away from home. No, seriously. We probably spend more time in NYC cabs than anywhere else. It’s the quickest way to get uptown, downtown and from shoot to show in mere minutes. Although we do constantly feel like our lives are at stake – NYC traffic is a terrifying thing. True story; we did almost lose our lives once, ending up in the hospital from a NYC taxi trip.

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