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DIY His & Her’s Pillow Cases
(via a beautiful mess)
Supplies: Pillow cases, red and white cotton fabric, adhesive letters. You will also need to have scissors, sewing pins and a sewing machine!
1. First, cut a large heart out of the white fabric. Make sure it’s not bigger than your pillow case! We made our heart wider than normal because when the pillow is in the case it tends to make it bulge, making it look less wide.
2. Next, apply the adhesive letters. You can buy a pack of letters at your local craft store, or make your own out of contact paper!
3. Once you’ve applied the lettering, flip the heart over, facing down. Begin pinning large squares of the red fabric on the back. This will be the background of the lettering so be sure that all of the adhesive letters have fabric behind it.
4. Next, slowly stitch around all of the adhesive lettering, sewing together the red and white fabric.
5. Once you’ve sewn around all the lettering, remove the contact paper!
6. Next, you’ll slowly cut out each letter. Make sure you only cut through the top layer of fabric!
7. Lastly, cut the heart down the middle and sew it to the pillow case! We used a simple top stitch close to the edge of the fabric to prevent as much fray as possible.

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